Counterfeit Manta Ray® squat bar stabilizers found on Ebay and Amazon

They say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However in this case scam artists are praying on customers by selling them an inferior products.

Cheap knock off versions of the Manta Ray® have been popping up on Ebay and Amazon.

When you purchase the product make sure you get it from an Advanced Fitness authorized re-seller. The list can be found on the Advanced Fitness website @ 


The Ebay sellers ss-sports-uk and goliathlabs  are selling an inferior product claiming it to be a Manta Ray® see the store screens below:FakeMRonEbayUKFakeOnEbay9-14


You can identify imitations by :

  • Price is lower than MSRP
  • Weight difference
  • Extra padding
  • Imperfections in the plastic
  • Extra hanging untrimmed plastic
  • Missing logo

Check out the pictures of imitation Manta Ray®s below:



ShoulderPadFrontView_ SquatShoulderPad FakeManta7 FakeManta6 FakeManta5FakeManta4 FakeManta3 FakeManta2 FakeManta1FakeMantaReviewByKarla

Check out the Patent at the link below


Screenshot 2014-09-21 at 5.41.16 PM


Patent Link